20 Years of Experience

With nearly 20 years of experience, we honor your loved ones, preserve your legacy, and protect visitors from headstones in disrepair by restoring and repairing gravesites. We specialize in monuments and gravestones of all sizes and materials and work on both a project and contract basis.

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Our services include, but aren’t limited to:

Many cities require an apron around an above-ground mausoleum installed by professionals. We are able to quickly and expertly install aprons that meet the requirements of the city while also maintaining the mausoleum’s appearance.

Oftentimes, we find headstones have fallen because of broken concrete underneath. We move the stone, remove any concrete or debris underneath, set a precast pad and replace the stone to standing position.

Over time, weather, cemetery maintenance, and normal wear and tear cause stones to wilt, fall and break. We troubleshoot each stone’s need individually to provide the best long-term solution.

For stones that are a custom shape or size, we problem solve the best way to set the stones so they last for a lifetime. With professional dirt and concrete work, we’ll make sure the headstones will be set well and look beautiful.

Through the years, dirt build up and lichen and mold growth can make gravestones difficult to read. Using proper techniques and safe products, we carefully restore the headstone to its original beauty.

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